Re: HW as a concept, and _Adding_ abilities, wealth and wells

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 20:47:17 +0200

> > I for myself think,that the wealth rules are good and very elegant-
> > only need a little more guideline,how to generate costratings.
> I agree, to a point.

Me too, to the same point.

Christian :

> I don�t want to get on everybodies nerves,but I fear I have to repeat
> some things again....

Well, actually ....

> I still think that the whole left and rightbrain therory is most
> essential to HW.

Yeah OK : we've got the idea. In both hemispheres of our brains.

> In HW an ability is more an associationpool,and the rating,a symbol
> for the quality of skill and possibility.If we had a more complex
> language,we could play HW without numbers,just by using descriptive
> words for skillevels.

Such a language exists : it's called _mathematics_.

> Just to make a start,I made a table with some of the existing values
> from the rulesbook.

Which are *obviously* wrong.


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