Wealth without Loot (Was: Qualitytable)

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 12:16:27 -0700

> > The point is that he's blowing 10 HP on it - which are worth much more
> > calves of gold. For 10 HP he could have picked up 10 different
abilities, or
> > saved his bacon 10 times, etc. If this is the only raid he's likely to
be on
> > (so the price is as "related"), and he *really* wants a +4 increase,
then so
> > what? If it really irks you (as narrator), then you can discuss it with
> > Would you stop someone from blowing 10 HP on "Close Combat" when all he
> > was defend himself for one round and then run away?
> Well, I think we've getting unduly caught up in the HP-spending
> Pyramid Scheme here, and hence allowing ourselves to "give a sucker
> an even break"...
> OK, to get back to my other, more moderate example: in this circumstance,
> would the game-world narrative justify _any_ increase in Wealth for
> 1HP? (As opposed to for 2HP, which he can do for any reason, however
> slight, or indeed for none.)

"This circumstance" being raiding 4 cattle? Sure. Since the narrative says that he successfully did something during play that could increase his wealth (at least in Orlanthi or other Cattle-based societies), then he can claim that his increase is related to game play and thus be at the "Related" cost. If he was given a gift of four cattle during game play he could also claim it, or if is merchant and successfully bargained for them (under the asumption that he bought four cows for the price of two), or he simply found them wandering on the clan's tula with no identifying marks on them. So what that he already has 4,000 head (he's got a spread south of the Rio Bullflood), he has intentionally gone about increasing his wealth. Perhaps these *were* calves of gold, or he is showing the world that he's still "got it" when it comes to grabbing cattle and his neighbors and creditors know that he *can* raise the money if he needs to.

The player can spend his HP anyway he wants, but as a narrator you do have the right/obligation to question/discuss a player's HP expenditure - "+4 wealth for four cows? No way bub, +1 at best, and you save 9 HP".

And it doesn't matter, as Wulf wanted to know, if these are Milch cows, or Bulls, or Spavined, dried up old cows. If the animal is special to the player, let him cement it as an item (or follower, or patron, or dependent...) "Fine Breeding Bull 12" for 1 HP. Mundane cows in a herd are liable to be run off by raiders as an everyday occurance, but "Ferdinand the Bull 12w2" will become the object of heroic quests. Heroes will try to steal your bull, not mere bog-trotting clansmen. How does Ferdinand increase your wealth? By existing as an object with which to augment your wealth rating.


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