Wealth and possessions...

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 22:23:07 +0000

>> Some of us are proposing a fairly simple such rule.  Some of us are 
>> proposing endlessly complex reasons why this couldn't, _nay 
>> shouldn't_ be done.

> I'd have said some of us are proposing endlessly complex methods of
> attempting to calculate this while others are giving fairly simple
> reasons why this is a nonsensicle question, but I suppose it depends
> on which way you choose to approach it...

Whether a question may appear nonsensical or not, if it arises in game-play it may hinder gameplay.

"Just wing it" is the usual referee reaction, only to be caught up next time by players with good memory. This list is about rules...

>> Tell me, which is the more useful to the hapless Narrator puzzling >> over the type of question I've asked?

> "How much phlostigen is consumed in burning Daughters of Darkness and
> Lost City of Eldorad at Convulsions?" Which would be more useful to
> the hapless scientist - a table of page to phlostigen ratio, or a
> statement of how combustion really works?

The amount of of Phlogiston - measurable in Joule of potential energy, as far as modern physics are involved - are relevant if this happens at a winter convention and people are freezing stiff...

And I still miss the seed of a suggestion how the wealth economy works when someone gets richer.

A week or so ago I made a stab at the game-world side for urban (and necessarily also rural) Heortling economics on the HW list. I yield to you that an increase in wealth will be followed by an increase in influence, but still the quantity hasn't been made clear.

Leaving aside the question what is the difference in cementing four cows taken on a raid, or raising the wealth rating by assigning naked hero points (which may indicate the gratitude of rescued people, or similar), what is my gain?

If (in an extreme case) my Heortling horse breeder with his prime ability wealthy 5W1 spends a single hero point to cement a small herd of goldeneye breeding mares and stallions together with volunteer Grazer herders to breed them, do I raise my wealth by a mastery, my relations to various other groups (grazers, horse breeders, horse raiders) by at least a notch, or what? Even spending a hero point for each horse or follower I'd get away cheaply.

Hmm. This is becoming a flow diagram for adventure outcome. Is there some meta-rule which might be taken over from quest-challenge gains?

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