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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 08:42:19 EDT

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<< My answer is:

  1. Loot is not an item to be cemented into Wealth.
  2. Wealth is an ability like any others, and increases at the normal HP cost for an ability.
  3. Acquiring Loot (any amount) gives the player an reason to pay a "related" HP cost to increase his Wealth rating.
  4. If the narrator decides that x loot can't sustain the wealth increase that you propose to buy, then discuss it with him
  5. If you want to cement a particular item of that loot, go ahead. Such an Item can be used to Augment wealth, but is not considered a normal part of the Wealth rating.

I agree with Rodericks assessment, that is how I had planned to run it. I think the main bone of contention is point 4, the issue of how much discussion one wants and how much guidance in this discussion can be supplied by the rules. In effect the whole wealth thread *is* this discussion.

Keith Nellist

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