Re: Ranged Combat

From: Graham Robinson <graham_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 22:21:36 +0100

>If I get a critical versus a failure,the result is a major
>victory,meaning:injured (­50% of ability)...The only occasion,I get a
>complete victory (i.e.dying)is:a critical versus a fumble...I canīt
>believe that!It makes lethal attacks quite rare....
>Also what kind of a weapon I use,is totally ignored,wether it is a
>throwing knife,an arrow,a crossbow,a mostali musket or an AK-47-same
>result for every weapon,the same with armour....I think this is just
>plain stupid....
>Any ranged attack should be more lethal than the rules at this level
>state and the kind of weapon I use,should affect the woundlevel.How
>about adding the weaponrank to the attack and the armourrank to the
>resistance?And how do you„add" two major voctories?Do two victories
>sum up to a complete victory(-50%ability + -50%= -100%=dead)???
>Or am I getting something wrong?Canīt you play such situations with
>rules,do you have to narrate it?

I'll point you at my award winning house rules, that cover this moderatly well (and yes, -50%+-50% does equal -100%!).


Not at all official, but feel free to adopt where they help...


Graham Robinson

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