Re: Increasing abilities [was: Wealth]

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 23:13:07 -0000

> ...

>> But these are the occasions where the GM is at
>> liberty to... allow the cementing of 3/4/5/whatever points of 
>> wealth for a single HP (or another "alternative" that just occurs 
>> to me for these sorts of situations where the GM wants to 
>> allow/encourage players to increase particular abilities - allow 
>> the first x points to be purchased for 1HP each rather than the 
>> normal scheme.

> Indeed. Those would be new, additional, rules for gaining or
> increasing abilities (or cementing them, call it what you will).
> But why restrict such a rule to Wealth and Relationships?

No reason at all providing the GM is happy with the rate of progress, and can come up with some sort of rationale ("OK you took Swordsmanship lessons from Garrath Sharpsword - you can increase 'Close Combat (Sword)' by up to 5 pts at a 1-1 basis")

> And when would it be right for the GM (sic) to use the rule?

GM is less typing than Narrator, and I'm less likely to spell it wrong! - If you're not careful I'll use DM instead!

> And when would it be wrong?

Well the GM, like all referees, is never wrong! Any time they feel it is appropriate is a good time to use it. Personally I'd restrict it to a few "Main Skills" per session that are the "logical" reward for the activities undertaken - If you want to channel the Characters in a particular direction then the "adventures" that lead up to it should reflect it in some way anyway...

> Perhaps the Narrator decides the maximum number of
> points that may be spent, based on its relevance to the episode.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

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