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<< Firstly this not meant to be offensive to Mr Trotsky and he is welcome to
hit me with a blow-up toy at Convulsions in revenge for this post.>>

     Cheers, but I'll probably pass ;-)  

<< Having read a few digests I just have to ask about Trotsky. He is writing
Anaxial's Record as one of the first sourcebooks for Hero Wars, yet nearly every time he comments on a rules question he starts by saying "I don't like this bit either".>>

     I think that 'nearly every time' is an exaggeration. There are a number of bits I do like, as it happens, and I'm pretty sure that I've made a number of posts which weren't at all negative, though if you've only read the last few digests you may not have noticed my earlier posts. Quick contests, for instance, work very well IMO. The magic is also pretty good, as far as the rules go (I'd have liked to see more descriptions of some of the feats, but that's not a rules issue per se).

<< He is entitled to his opinions, but after a week or two it seems to me
that he actually does not like or plans to ignore most of the rule mechanics.>>

     That would be correct.  

<< I am genuinely curious how he feels he can write a source book for a
system he does not appear to like ? Please prove me wrong or tell me how I have misinterpreted your posts. [I am not saying he should not be writing AR. I am only curious how he justifies what appear to be two clashing world-views] >>

     I don't see a problem with it at all. I've written a couple of sourcebooks for HarnMaster and I don't like that system either. I only need to understand the system, and the thinking behind it, to write for it IMO. If I really hated the system, I'd have a problem, of course, but I don't think its that bad by a long shot, and many people will love it; it just isn't really the sort of game *I'd* want to run. Liking a system enough to write for it, and liking it enough to want to actually run it are entirely separate things, IMO. I see no contradiction in this whatever, but you may disagree.

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