sample combat feats

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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 17:35:20 -0000

Hi folks,

I have done some of my L5R conversion to HW, and just wanted someone to look over them and see if there appear to be any egregious errors. Mostly, I just want to check whether these "feel right" as affinities and feats; do these appear to make sense, anything too obscure, anything too repetitive, etc. They are all oriented around warriors (which is why I am worried about duplication), and in principle all or most should make sense in HW terms, there should be no need for prior knowledge of L5R. Lastly, these may serve as inspiration for others working on feats, should there be any, especially of a martial nature. Any commenst appreciated. Where "type" appears, I mean the Gloranthan runic equivalent.

Type - Affinity - Feats                 

Combat - The Way of the Crab - Feint Attack, Overbear Foe, Fight Many Foes, Fight Dirty

Duty - Holding The Wall - Ignore Exhaustion, Ignore Wounds, Cleave Foe, Deflect Blow

Resilience - The Mountain Does Not Move - Ignore Pain, Stand Strong, Keep Footing, Defend In Any Direction

Combat - The Way of the Crane - Perfect Stance, Seize Initiative, Too Fast To See, Impress Foe

Precision - The Perfect Cut - Strike Unseen Target, One Strike Two Cuts, Kill From The Draw, Pinpoint Accuracy

Void - Strike From The Void - Identify Weakness, Strike At Opening, Surprise Foe, Anticipate Foe                 

Combat - The Daisho Technique - No Stance, Twist Away, Lead Opponent, Two Swords Strike As One

Flexibility - Strong & Swift - Assist Allies, Ignore Pain, Wall Of Blades, Strike Together

Fire - The Unrighteous Shall Fall - Exploit Weakness, Exploit Stance, Deliver Justice, Stand Alone

Combat - The Way of the Lion - For The Emperor, Disembowel Foe, Shock Charge, No Fear

Warfare - The Hand of Destiny- Perceive Enemy Weakness, Perceive Allied Strength, Asses Tactical Situation, Recognise Critical Moment

Ancestors - Strength of Purity - Ancestral Guidance, Never Stand Alone, Pure Heart, No Surrender

Combat - Matsu's Pride - The Lion's Rage, Aggressive Stance, Behead Foe, Martial Shout

Bravery - The Lions Roar - Ignore Fear, Intimidate Foe, Scatter Foes, No Retreat

Ancestors - My Ancestors Beside Me - Death Before Dishonour, Duty To The Clan, Guide My Sword, Identify Weakness                 

Combat - The Way of the Phoenix, Predict Foe, Flexible Stance, Feint Attack, Step Aside

Void - One With All & Nothing - Think Around The Problem, Sense Ambush, Disrupt Opponents Technique, Identify Opponents Strengths

Movement - Everywhere & Nowhere - Move Freely, Step Behind Foe, Seize Initiative, Evade Attack                 

Combat - The Way of the Scorpion - Improvise Weapon, Disarm Foe, Exploit Weakness, No Mercy

Deception - Behind The Mask - No Trick Too Low, Feint Attack, Not Where You Expected, Sting In The Tail

Movement - Strike At The Tail - Deceptive Footwork, Trip Foe, Flee Battle, Dodge Many Attackers

Combat - The Way of the Unicorn - Swift Strike, Flowing Stance, Cut Deep, Hail of Blows

Air - The Four Winds - Fight Many Foes, Sense Ambush, Strike In Any Direction, Resist Exhaustion

Movement - Dancing With The Elements - Dance Of The Blade, Find Footing, Run Like The Wind, Dodge Blow                 

Combat - The Way of War - Mighty Blow, Fight From Horseback, Shock Charge, Pierce Foe

Horses - Riding In Harmony - Speak To Horse, Stay Mounted, Leaping Mount, Guide Horse

Movement - The Wind Never Stops - Fight Many Foes, Disrupt Enemy Line, Overrun Foes, Escape Combat

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