Re: Defensive Edge = Min. bid?

From: gamartin_at_...
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 12:39:15 -0000

> stays on the "hit him with a weapon" course. That's why he needs to
think of
> some other way to fight that doesn't rely on hitting with weapons
> that armor.

Or maybe - run away, run away! Its actually a good prompt for the point at which fleeing battle becomes a Good Idea - after all, you're going to keep your AP, and start rolling with your Run Fast, which can be difficult to rationalise; all the fleeing character does is lose the ability to kill their oppponent, the overall conflict continues to resolve at the AP levels it had just achived. On the other hand, if facing a nasty Edge, the benefit you gain by rolling a movement value instead of a combat value may be worth it in its owen right, plus the heavily armoured warrior might be penalised for movement by the GM.

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