Re: Run away

From: gamartin_at_...
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 13:03:24 -0000

> What do you consider difficult to rationalize? I don't see why
> keeping your APs is a problem: you have plenty of space to manoeuvre
> and energy (high APs) or you are cornered and tired (low APs). Did
> you have something else in mind?

Yeah, only that if you're in a fight, it can be difficult, I think, to decide to flee. After all you're not going to start a new contest, your AP's don't get reset to your Run Fast TN or anything. So all you really change by altering your action from Attack to Flee is that you give up the ability to kill your opponent - should you win, all you achieve is getting away; whereas if you had stayed to fight, your opponent would be in your hands. Or bits of them, perhaps.

So, unless your Move rating is significantly higher than your Combat (which I suspect would be rare for Adventurer types), I can see an element in the system that operates against fleeing. But, if this avoids a major Edge advantage of your opponent, that might be enough to shift the conflict such that in fleeing you have a greater overall chance of victory in the extended contest, which would be worth sacrificing the opportunity to kill your opponent.

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