Re: Re: Defensive Edge = Min. bid? (my tiny Brain)

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 14:25:29 -0800

> Boomer:Armour+Magic=^9 and Axe ^2 bids against Lenny the Lame with no
> armour and no weapons

> Boomer has a net edge of ^2. Bids 9, and fumbles vs. opponent's
> critical, so (9-2)x3=21 loss, whereas w.o. the axe he would have
> taken a 9x3 or 54 point loss.

Except that 9x3=27....

> How could situations like the Pretty Powerful Shaman (+24 defensive
> edge) be avoided?

>From what I understand form the original, it was "really powerful magic". I
don't see the problem. Heck, I'd probably give the shaman a bonus for a "Ha ha, your puny arrows can't hurt me" taunt. It's not a situation that needs to be avoided, it's an obstacle to be overcome or bypassed. The natural reaction that I'd expect (from a gloranthan native - Hero or NPC) is "Holy Cr*p, that's some powerful magic. Let's rethink this one guys. Can we still get him, or should we just leave now?".

> You would have to bid at least 26 to dent him, nicht wahr?

To give him more than the absolute minimum -1 loss, yes. But attack his weaknesses, *not* his strengths. If he bounces arrows like superman, then attack his mind, or his emotions, or something other than simply shooting more arrows at him.

> Lenny the Lame vs. Boomer: Lenny is at a -9 handicap due to Boomer's
> armour and magic.
> Lenny fumbles vs. Boomer's critical. Lenny had bid 9 so his loss is
> (9+9 -- subtracting a negative)x3=72 point AP loss

Except that 18x3=54...


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