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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 23:46:20 -0000

Thanx for the maths correction AND pointing out a crucial aspect of extended contests overlooked in the examples of changing skills midcontest:

The examples in the book suggest that you can elect to change your skill, albeit staying with the APs that you currently have. It doesn't mention that you opponent will have to change his or her skill. So if you are overpowered by an opponent with high Close Combat, you may elect "Flee like a wimp" or "Taunt Decadent Lunar with Macho Put-Down" -- the opponent could elect to continue with the Close Combat and an improvisational modifier, or defend/respond to your bid with "Chase down fleeing Barbarian" or "Belittle uppity Barbarian"
-- good gods the possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!! (as well as the re-jigging of edges/handicaps

 (of course, something like Close Combat 8W3 would alow you to skewer the fleeing wimp or the taunting barbarian even with a large improvisational modifier)

What subcult would teach (Chanse down fleeing Barbarian and Belittle uppity Barbarian?)

> >
> > -but don't the rules suggest that leaving a combat should require
> > completion of that extended contest (a Hero Wars equivalent for
> > the "attacks of opportunity" or "parting shot" rules that many
> > use to make sure that leaving and entering melee is a risky
> > proposition -- i.e. turning your back on an well armed enemy)
> Correct. But this is a chance to re-define the parameters of the
contest. If
> "Close Combat 17" isn't doing it for you, maybe "Movement Affinty
5w" will
> let you live. If you start the contest and find out that your
opponent has
> ^24 armor, don't stick around waiting to get down to 9 points
before trying
> to leave, get out of there (or do something else) as soon as you
find out.
> One thing to remember - an Edge doesn't give him extra AP, it just
makes his
> AP usage more efficient, so you shouldn't be in too dire of straits
in the
> second round when up against someone wearing Enchanted Iron-banded
> King armor. Going up against Stormbringer is another thing
entirely. Get
> out. Get out *now*!
> RR

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