Re: Running Away don't work

From: rexabean_at_...
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 12:56:11 +1100

G'day all,

Someone made the good point that I should start the NPC's running away before they get too low on AP's.

Other people talk about the minor defeat level being interpreted as "they got away" since they weren't injured, but my memory of minor defeat is that is "dazed and incapable of action". So they are standing there puffing, out of breath, seeing double, whatever, but can't keep on running.

My other problem is that most of my players are old RQ hacks whose only seem to be able to think of enemy NPC's as things to kill a la RQ. Of course this could be my fault for throwing darkness demons, vampires, chaos, Gagarthi, Zorak Zorani on HeroQuest etc at them but any ideas about giving them alternative approaches to their enemies ? And yes bloodfeud has been waved in the air once or twice when meeting foreign tribesmen.

Thanks, Andrew

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