RE: Post Easter Questions: wealth vs cash

From: Hibbs, Philip <philip.hibbs_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 15:11:47 +0100

>Hmmm, so a cow is worth 1000L then (ish)? Seems
>to me a cow should be worth less, but how much?

That depends on how much you need the cow, how good the cow is, how good the harvest was last year, etc.

As I understand it, coins in your pocket don't make a wealth rating. Wandering adventurers who are not part of a community probably don't have a wealth rating at all, just a bunch of valuable posessions. To have a wealth rating, you have to have some or all of the following: reputation, prospects, relatives, friends, rights to clan lands, political clout, etc.

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