RE: Re: Sudden Death extended contests

From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 16:12:04 -0000

> I must agree with the idea of increasing wounds during extended
> contests though, I have experimented with a few ideas myself
> (exchange 21 AP for an 'Injured' when you get a x3 loss or exchange
> is a favourite). I do not feel that the current system, with a
> maximum -2 (a 7 AP exchange plus a 15 AP Grievous) per 'round' is
> enough, especially when the contestants may have 2W2 or greater
> starting abilities. It can take a long time to wear them down, and I
> always thought the bloodless victories of HW to be unrealistic. It
> just feels counterituative that the fastest way to BEAT someone is
> NOT to wound them!

I can see two other ways to deal with wounds that happen within the extended contest.

 One would be that when you reach the grievous wound level the wound applied is the same as if it had been a simple contest result but with major and complete successes inflicting an Injury.

Secondly pass the -1 injury onto the follower of your opponent instead of the hero. As followers take injuries one level higher than heroes this would result in an injured follower. This would not affect the AP total unless the follower failed his relationship roll [Halved due to wound] and left the battle.

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