rules starterkit for 2nd edition HW?

From: stefan.drawert_at_...
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 17:19:06 +0100

Hy there,

is there somebody in close touch with those Goldentongues from California who knows if there'll be a rules synopsis for the upcoming 2nd edition published online ? Or otherwise, who could forward this to them?

raison d'�tre: I'm about to restart my sartar based campaign in about two weeks and would really prefer to get the basics done right from the start, especially the character generation, which was tough enough to swallow for my ex-WHFRP players, so I'd not like to confuse them again in a month or two with stating "there'll be some pretty tiny changes, so show my your sheet and erase this and that and these over there..."

some snippets to convert 1st ed to 2nd as *.pdf, as they did prior to 1ed publication would be really nice!

and thereby I promise to write my next mail into just one sentence without any fullstops at all %)

thanks in advance!

Best regards,
 Stefan                          mailto:stefan.drawert_at_...

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