Re: Initiates & Devotees

From: jeffkyer <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 15:59:22 -0000

I think you've missed a lot of the discussion on this, including information from Issaries about these numbers and ranges.  

> > A King's Champion will be about 10W2.
> Any definition of 'ordinary people' that includes king's champions
> is overloading the term a bit, don't you think? In any case,
> according to the guidelines in the rules that's a top of the range,
> deluxe model king's champion.

Clan Champion is going to be 10w2 - a tribal one will be higher. As discussed in Thunder Rebels, frex.  

> > A 'competent' adult has a mastery (1W or better) in all their core
> > abilities.
> I'm not quite sure where you get this from. It's possible I've

I think so. Greg's said that someone has at least a 1w in their day to day skills - the ones they use for a living.

> something, but looking at the ability ratings for craftsmen,
> journeyman quality starts at 1w and goes up. Journeymen are highly
> skilled individuals, not just ordinary labourers. Serviceable,
> or ordinary quality items, presumably produced by ordinary
> only require a sub-1w ability to produce.
> Simon Hibbs

Sorry, most folks will have 5w in what they do for a living, according to Issaries. Their other abilities will be lower but the 17 is a general threshold for competence, it seems.


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