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Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 16:15:22 -0000

Simon Hibbs:
>Journeymen are highly skilled individuals, not just ordinary
labourers. Serviceable, or ordinary quality items, presumably produced by ordinary craftsmen, only require a sub-1w ability to produce.

John Locke once said that most arguments are, at their heart, about the definitions of words. So from


journeyman (jūrn-mn)n.
1: One who has fully served an apprenticeship in a trade or craft and is a qualified worker in another's employ. 2: An experienced and competent but undistinguished worker.


A journeyman is one who is qualified to practice a trade without supservision, but has not yet reached the status of master, and so cannot instruct apprentices of his own in the craft.

<=20 Apprentice or amateur
1W = can practice as a trade
10W = clan thane level
1W2 = Master of skill
10W2 = Tribal officer level
1W3+ = Heroic

Ian Cooper

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