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From: Graham Robinson <graham_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:47:16 +0000

>How many of you (as narrators) would allow a player to take an obviously
>non-natural ability for a starting character? For instance, would you allow
>a starting character to have "Fly", "Spit Fire" or "Breathe Water"?

I've allowed characters with "fly" and with "speak with animals" at the beginning. I've not found either to be particularly unbalancing. At the default 12, "fly" is little use other than as an augment to other skills, and the character who could speak with animals soon found that negotiating with animals is even harder than with humans.

The first scenario was the one about the mice from the Narrator's book. Ahah! Thinks the character, I'll talk to the Alynxes, they may have seen something :

Character : Have you seen anything strange around the grain stores? Alynx : Fish!
Character : This is important, are there lots of rats around? Alynx : Fish!
Character : Will you shut up about the fish for a minute... Alynx : Fish!
Character : Answer the damn questions!
Alynx : Fish!
Player : Fine, I go get a fish and give it to the cat. GM : The Alynx eats your juicy gift with great delight. He sits there afterwards licking his lips, purring noisily. Character : Now about the grain...
Alynx : Fish!

This time, he made the cat tell him about the grain, THEN gave him the fish...


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