Re: Post Easter Questions: wealth vs cash

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 13:39:18 -0400

> No one at that level of civilization is stupid enough to accept fiat
> money. If
> the Lunar Emperor tried to debase the currency in peacetime, he would
> get
> a palace revolt, just like happened to Nero. No other government that
> Orlanthi are likely to run into has the power to even _try_ to force
> people
> to accept copper-clad zinc as real clacks, at face value (or other
> coins
> without a modern US parallel).
> This means that occasional rumors of government X debasing its coinage
> will cause a run on older coins, and your new coins may not be
> accepted
> (certainly not at face) even if those rumors turn out to be false.
> Read some
> of the history of Roman coinage with respct to the Germanic tribes for
> good
> ideas (ex, deliberately coining using century-old dies and false-aging
> the coins
> to pay barbarians, since they don't trust modern currency).

This is very true. Or one could look at the Viking payments in mark=weights of silver and the use of arm rings and necklaces as 'spare change' worn by the various richer clansmen.  

> I would doubt that Archimedes Principle is known, or a magical
> equivalent,
> except to the major Trade gods and certain fairly civilized Knowledge
> cults
> (ie, Lhankor Mhy in the universities [Knowledge temples], but not the
> tribal
> Lawspeakers).

Actually, I think that the Achemedes principle would be known, afterall we're in that era. But any knowlege or trade god worth his (or her) salt should provide a 'detect false coinage' feat.

Afterall, coinage is a major sinew of empire. Banking and prmissory notes are probably in existance as well, though not with the Orlanthi. Accodring to ancient sources, Greek, Roman and Egyptian cultures had extensive banking with credit notes being used frequently between major depositors -- folks like Crassus, Ptolomy and any rich merchant or noble.

With HW having folks like Issaries around, and the Know It All God, then I think this would become even easier.  

> The Kralori Empire might use paper money, like China did, but those
> are as
> much certificates of deposit as currency.
> PS: Shouldn't this have been asked on the Glorantha Digest?

Not really. Many folks here are NOT on the Digest for various reasons. But I think it could be asked on which is a Glorantha/HW discussion group. However, its idle until the game is released.

Jeff Kyer

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