Re: Ability advancement rate

From: smcginnessuk <mcginnesss_at_...>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:46:30 -0000

>>> I'm personally wondering how to slow down players improvement of
>>> skills, so that Tarsh raiders of the W2 level still seem a
challenge. The
>>> linear improvement system seems flawed for long campaign play.

Could I suggest that advancement into Mastery levels be used to provide a brake to character advancement (if desired)?? If you had to pay 5 Hero Points (a number off the top of my head!) to go from 20 to 1W and 10 Hero Points to go from 20W TO 1W2 and 15 from 20W2 to 1W3 then there would be some serious consideration given about spending.

Obviously this would give plateaus. A Hero might invest in a mastery (did you notice the difference in the language use? _invest_ in a mastery gives it more value than buying it!!) then concentrate on increasing his skill within that Mastery class before turning to other skills as the next Mastery class would be a bit expensive and lots of other skills could be more usefully improved.

The low level of immediate gain from a Mastery would help to divert HPs from the high level skill to lesser used ones...

Obviously you could modulate the Mastery cost depending on how much you wanted to apply the brakes but like Wulf said, introducing it to an existing campaign might not be the most popular thing you ever did.

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