Re: Re: Ability advancement rate

From: Graham Robinson <graham_at_...>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:37:02 +0000

> > In theory gaining a mastery could take twenty weeks. In
> > practice it seems to me to take about twice that. But that still means
> > after three years solid play, I'm looking at people with four or five
> > masteries.
>Spread over three or four abilities, so not really a problem.

No, thats EXACTLY the problem. I don't want to run a game with players with W4 or W5 in three or four abilities. Characters who can beat any normal man at anything (or have a follower who can). Yeck. And at that I'd be hoping to run the campaign for ANOTHER two or three years, if its going to compare with the better ones I've been involved in previously.

I don't even particularly have a problem with characters at the W4 or 5 level. But I want them to WORK to get there. Not just spend hero points week after week.

Anyway, I suspect we're getting nowhere. I see a problem with characters reaching levels I'm not happy with. You don't. We're not going to agree, so maybe we should drop it.


Graham Robinson

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