Re: Ability advancement rate

From: wulfcorbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:21:12 -0000

> My guess is that a rounded character needs a mental ability, a
> physical ability, a magic ability and a relationship all at about

This is true, but a viable alternative is to just have a couple of abilities at REALLY high level and either improvise or rely on someone else in the group. The former is pretty dubious, but the latter is, really, rather realistic. What you could end up with is an archetypical fighter, a magic user, erm... aah...

Our group is definitely ignoring magic. It's not been a problem either, magic is only really ever used for augments. It costs too much to bother with raising Affinities if you can do much the same with mundane skills (which you CAN if you only ever use magic to augment - you can buy the mundane skill up instead).

> rules are inappropriate for farmers' campaigns, where characters
> ascend from 5W to 5W2 (say) in 240 sessions.

Actually, I like xW2, it's a good level of ability. What I do NOT want is the same characters sailing through xW2 into xW3 and 4, shattering whole armies before them. Oh, and by the way, there's another thing I've finally realised was nagging at me. It's all very well saying 'a character should be able to reach Harrek's level in this campaign' (if you do say so), but what would actually happen would be the ENTIRE GROUP would reach this state. In our group, thats 6-8 Harreks...


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