Re: Ability advancement rate

From: ian_hammond_cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 13:22:57 -0000

>Any other ideas considered.

THe other alternative is this. Reduce hero point awards. Dramatically. Don't hand out the 1HP at the beginning of the session. Hand out less and save hero points for truly heroic acts on the part of the hero. Justify this by saying that as the heroes grow in power actions that were previously heroic, now look normal and don't deserve reward. In theory you could keep increasing this limit so maybe (as a guess):

<W2: as normal
>=W2 <10W2 1 HP per session start, 1-3 per session + 1-3
>=10W2 <W3 1 per session + 1-3 discretionary
>W3+ 1-3 discretionary

This should top you out in the W3's unless you want to go much higher.

It might also help new players by allowing them to advance to catch up at a faster rate. Tweak the number, but you get the idea. Also with a lower number of hero points high mastery players will feel less able to fall back on a hero point bump.

Any good to you.

Ian Cooper

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