Re: Wyter Abilities (longish)

From: jeffkyer <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:14:40 -0000

The generator is supposed to be a helpful tool, not a chain - I'd go with what works best.

When I saw 'Restore Wyter' I thought that there was some sort of Save Game function - if you've screwed up, it can be restored to its orignal form.

I think I watch 'Reboot' too much. =)

> Secret: Restore Wyter ritual (Otherworld magic. The use of
this secret requ=
> ires the devotee to journey to the Other Side in a heroquest to
reenact the =
> heropath of the wyter. Upon his return, he may reconstruct the
wyter, healin=
> g it of any damage it has suffered, or repairing it's housing
object. Depend=
> ing on the success of the ritual, the wyter may end up a bit
stronger than b=
> efore!)


In a pure 'game's sense, it probably allows the hero to spend HP to increase the wyter's abilites instead of his own. Probably at some RUINOUS rate (say spend HP to Ablity = +1 to ability) - remember one man, even one who knows a secret, is only a small part of a Wyter which is comprised of 1300 people AND their ancestors AND all the acts of will that have been done with it for the last very, very, very long time.  

> > I think that it would probably help with the wyter's recovery
> > from exertion and perhaps allow it to augment more frequently.
> > I think it would be an out-out-of-game function. Perhaps it
> > allows those who know the secret to help the wyter somehow?
> I like this idea better than my own. Think I'll steal it...
> > I don't think its 'stored' in a weapon - it lives there.
> Of course you're right. My Freudian slip is showing -- obviously,
I'm still=
> too used to the RQ3 way of storing spirits in objects.
> Roland

I like the description for Nosebiter - it is no more a spirit bound into an axe than a human is a spirit bound into a body. I misspoke too - the wyter doesn't live in the sword, it _IS_ the sword.


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