Re: [HeroWars] Re: 14 is a magic number

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 11:08:54 -0800

Trying to move this over to HW Rules, as it is getting kinda number-heavy...

> >Shattering a shield - assuming it is not magical or the like - means
> >beating a resistance 14. No big deal - this is cinematic style -
> >things break all the time around heroes!
> >
> I'm not sure that I agree with this and thus lies my problem with
> these
> feats. Why wouldn't the shield's wearer be able to defend himself
> (and his
> property) with his own magic? If a humakti can break my shield with a
> target of 14, then a ZZ can set my clothes on fire with the same ease.

You can, *if* you have appropriate magic to do it with. If Harry Humakti tries to use "Shield Breaker" on Barbara Babs Gori, she counters with her "Unbreakable Shield" feat rather than the default of 14. The Black Horse troop can use "Resist Pagan God"Or were you looking for some other "personal magic" that doesn't include specific feats/spells? You could also try some other ability entirely: Vala Vingan might say "I defend by leaping away from him". Now Vala can use her Jump ability rather than 14 to resist the attack. (Vinga shares "Leaping Shield" with Orlanth Adventurous, which might also be used to defend against Shield Breaker).

In this specific case of Shield breaking, I'd basically rule that Shield Breaker trumps Close Combat, but not necessarily other abilities that aren't based on, or closely related to, Close Combat.

> And what would be the resistance for a magical shield - assuming that
> the
> shield does not have an ability rating.

Depending on what the specific effects in the shield, any "Stop Damage"-style ability would probably work, "Resist Magic" probably as well. Using the Lasadag Lions (BA 26) as examples, a Lion Man's shield would break on 14 because it's totally non-magical, but I'd give a Pride Leader's shield a 19 to resist "Shield Breaker" because it provides 19 AP to the Pride leader.

But in all rules adjudication, remember that the story comes before the rules!


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