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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 20:32:34 -0800


> According to the rules, an Ally will turn up and help you if you make
> an Ability Test on your Relationship to the ally.
> This means that, once the relationship is mastered they're there 95%
> of the time.
> How about making it a Simple Contest of your Relationship against
> their best ability?

 From our experience, relationships are seldom increased, certainly not that much.

I think you're unduly penalizing starting characters to solve a problem that is mostly theoretical. (Remember that a starting ally is 13; you'd oppose this with 5w.)

I think a better solution would that, if the Narrator feels that the player is abusing the situation, that the ally should start calling on the player character. If he refuses to help his ally, he should suffer a penalty to ALL relation abilities (including those that aren't directly a Relationship ability, such as any roll to influence people).

Bryan suggests

> On the other hand, when you are planning a heroquest to hell and
> back, are getting ready to face the Bat, or are planning to slip into
> Glamour to attack the imperial court, you might be facing some added
> resistance....

Or, since it's a simple roll, a big modifier -- which a Narrator is always free to impose.


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