RE: Re: yikes - 'new' rule

From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 13:37:55 +0100

> > > one of my players just sneakily pointed out a Hero Wars rule.
> > > The Optional Physical Contact rule states that for 'almost all
> > > augmentations' touching the thing to be augmented reduced
> > > resistance by 5.
> One of my favourite optional rules (along with Grievous Wounds and
> the Elemental Edges - Andrew Graham, if you're reading this, please
> remember Fire gets +^2 Edge against darkness :-).
Yes you may need it against Trolls angry enough and cornered enough to send the Females against you :-)

> > It has been mentioned before. It has also been mentioned that
> > augmenting is often not worthwhile, so using an optional rule that
> > makes augmentation more worthwhile might not be a bad idea.
> True... now, if using the 1/10 'automatic augments' do you add the 5
> first, or just give a +1 to the augment (for simplicity and
> generosity)?

I would prefer to say add +5 to magical ability, but knowing how things normally go I would probably reluctantly stick to the +1 to the default augment to avoid endless questions. Don't worry about it being unbalancing as it applies equally to both sides.

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