Re: Alien World mods

From: giangero <giangero_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 15:22:04 -0000

The following is what I would do in my game:

> Assume I am doing an Orlanthi heroquest and I go up against Seravus
> Do the Telmori suffer the Alien World modifier, even though they
> mythically on 'their own home ground'? Do the heroes suffer an
> world modifier - is Seravus's home actually in an alien world to us?

Telmori as animist are alien in the godplane (and in the heroplane which is part of the godplane, if I recall correctly: that's the reason why many heroquests on the heroplane are performed by theist questers and a relatively small number by animist or sorcerous questers).
On the other hand, I would not bother to present my players with a weak Telmori opposition (handicapped by the -20), since I could presume, as a narrator, that only the toughest Telmori heroquested and/or that they took a big deal of preparation in advance (rituals, amulets, fetishes, whatever) in order to take account of the (biggest part of the) penalty inflicted on them.  

> When I meet someone who follows a different magic system on a
> heroquest - does one or the other of us always suffer an alien
> modifier? If I meet a mostali is one or another of us always in an
> alien world


> Or is the alien world modifer more applicable for people doing a
> quest from outside their tradition or entering the living places of
> the gods, - the Moon or The Sky World or Storm Village and not for
> opponents met when reenacting mythic events.

no. The alien world modifier is for people from a different magic system in the wrong otherworld. Lesser penalties (-10; -5) are applicable to people from the correct magic system but from different or enemy pantheons/cults/traditions etc. Again, it may not be fair doing so, but I wouldn't bother to take account of this factor for the opposition of my players. Instead I would for them.


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