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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 10:25:34 +0200

hy Gian,

giangero> In the Narrator Book is stated that "the heroplane is the largest
giangero> region of the godplane" and it also explains with plenty of examples
giangero> and tables the effects of the alien world modifiers on the heroes
giangero> during a heroquest.

giangero> Is the chapter a completely unreliable source, then?

giangero> I think the right rules/interpretations should be put online among giangero> the errata.

there have been dozens of errata & clarifications since the last update there which nobody seems to care about putting them online or correcting them [the clan-gen stat explanations are HW v0.1].

last year, I complained about this twice but...

concerning your initial question:

yes, dump it! [at least IIRC]


Deep Sea Dweller's Bible: Hellblau,

 Freitag, 10:16:20

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