Re: Playing Augments

From: nichughes2001 <nick.hughes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 12:58:53 -0000

Hmm, I was thinking more in terms of whether 1. the local gods/spirits/saints noticed the magical activity 2. whether they bothered to send signs of this to their followers 3. whether their followers noticed and could interpret the signs.

So an Orlanthi hero within their Tula would be pretty likely to have warning as this is one of the noted characteristics of wyters, their ability to interpret the signs would be as per the description of wyters. If they got the idea that the wyter was agitated but could not interpret beyond that then perhaps divination would be in order.

The same Orlanthi hero in Grazeland territory might have a more serious problem. If on good terms with the Vendref then perhaps one of those folks would warn them that their wyter was acting funny. If on good terms with the Grazelanders then maybe one would mention that the way the crows were flying was sure sign that the spirits of battle were congregating and that perhaps trouble was looming. I would suggest a Relationship [foreign people who might have a clue] roll here.

Once the power-up starts approaching god-like levels then I would also give a chance that gods relevant to the powers being used (war gods for combat feats) noticing that something is happening and giving hints to their followers in the area. Nothing specific but again divination could be used to get more than "something is up around here".

I hadn't thought of the Sense Gods Nearby ability but now that you mention it I agree that it should have a chance of noticing divine magic that begins to operate in the "godlike" levels of power. Most self-respecting heroes at this level would have one or more godi followers.


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