Re: Automatic augments: no more ranks?

From: wulfcorbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 11:40:23 -0000

> > easy to ignore. Furthermore, it makes the 'magic weapon' syndrome
> > LESS likely to appear - why bother when a mundane weapon is just
> > improvable?
> *Double Take* You like this _because_ it makes magic weapons
> pointless?

Ah, but adding points to 'Broadsword' doesn't make it magical, just as adding points to 'Jump' doesn't make THAT magical - eventually, both become super-normal in the Gloranthan way, but the sword isn't magical just by spending HP on it. Thus, not all fancy swords are magical, and we can escape the D&D-esque desire for a +1 sword. This idea does NOT make magical weapons pointless, not at all. But it DOES make the desire for a magic sword weaker - you don't need one just to do more damage.

> We already _have_ rules for enchanting things. Changing the way
> exceptional equipment is handled would also require a rewrite of
> the enchantment rules, which IMHO are fine and unbroken so far
> as I can tell. Why not just have rules for writing enchanted
> items into character descriptions?

Enchantment does not just make better swords, it gives them special abilities. A 'Broadsword 20W2' is still just a Broadsword. It not made of Iron, it doesn't spit lightning bolts, burst into flame, or anything else. It just has Edge ^12...


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