Re: Automatic augments: no more ranks?

From: wulfcorbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 15:00:59 -0000

> If the Greatsword was represented by an ability, the player could
> elect to use that ability in a contest. Likely, they could use that
> ability in many situations where they could use Close Combat. There
> is little game mechanics difference between Close Combat 5W
> by a Sword 1W and a Sword 5W augmented by Close Combat 1W. Making
> your best ability an item need not be a bad choice, either
> conception, power or rules wise.

Well, I wouldn't be keen on that, personally, the Sword's ability is 'being a sword' - or being a GOOD sword, more likely. Swords don't fight for you. Armour might be different, but I'd still be less than keen on allowing someone to use 'Armour 15' to just stand around and be hit.

> Before you rush in, remember that this is merely a suggestion by me;
> it has not been play tested.

Of course. A far more rational objection to it is that it would be another number to remember and another augment to worry over whether to use the default...


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