Re: HP bumps.

From: charlescorrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 12:45:10 -0000

> I had been looking at Hero Points with the
> thought of requiring them to be 'dedicated'
> by players. I haven't thought this through
> so any comment is welcome. I was thinking
> of disallowing (or restricting) the use of
> 'raw' hero points to bump rolls. Instead
> they would have to dedicate hero points to
> the Gods out of game (ie before each
> adventure, or at set points within the
> adventure where time would be available for
> the ritual). That's where I got stuck, I
> like the idea of dedicating points to
> Orlanth or to Ernalda but how would that
> affect their use later on. Would it
> matter? Should there be a simple contest
> on the roll depending on its dedication?

In our game (running for just under two years now) we have never seen any need to restrict the use of Hero Points to bump rolls. Spending points on bumping rolls is its own punishment as these points are not available for character progression.

In the vein of dedicating points to a god, progression in Initiate or Devotee or one of the virtues is dedicating hero points to the god. Similarly with spending points on affinities and mythology of <god> (though less so, 'cos they are more useful in game).

One suggestion made by Roderick (I can't remember where, it may even have been an email) was that the devotee's 60% time requirement should also apply to how hero points were spent. At the end of each session, 60% of all HP gained should be spent on improving ratings related to the Deity. An Initiate would similarly have to spend 30% on their deity related ratings.

> Is this all too complicated????

Yes (in my opinion) ;-)

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