Re: HP bumps.

From: jeffkyer <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 19:47:45 -0000

> That said, I've yet to toss a HP-equipped NPC at my players. But
>I've mentioned that, and they dread the day.

They make great villians - the big time enemy. I give one or two out for the 'villian of the piece' but I don't do it often. It keeps the heroes on their toes.

> This is probably because the group seems to have a secret wyter with
the ability "Can't Leave Well Enough Alone 8W."

I think its a part of the job description. ALl playerbands seem to have that.

> Since my game tends to relatively short sessions every week, and I'm
trying to move from a game started at the "low" values, I did run into a situation where my PCs had many more HP than was good for the story.

Hmmm. I think you could always do with a 'you spend x downtime' get x HP to spend. But I think there are ways to raise your keyword with HP - we've been experimenting with a 7 or 10 HP cost to raise the keyword. Yes, this is a bargain.

> Luckily, their "wyter" ability got them into a couple situations
where they spent 10-12 HP EACH in the course of a melee (like where the 98 year old shaman had to hand-to-hand with the vampire) and since then I've switched to more directed increases and fewer HP awards.
> Mike

Yow! That's a LOT of HP.


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