Slither of news regarding UK Demos

From: Nick Hollingsworth <nick.hollingsworth_at_>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 13:37:53 +0100

Have contacted Esdevium Games.
They _do_ know about the HW demo pack. But its their warehouse that deals with it not their shop, hence the confusion. They are expecting the demo packs to arrive late next week along with the actual Hero Wars shipment.

They do not seem to have a list of people who have requested demo packs. Though possibly its just that Dan did not know about the list. However they seem to be planning to send out the demo pack to the shops with the Hero Wars stuff. This does not fit with the Issaries statement about the vouchers in the pack and all that but frankly at this point who cares as long as the stuff goes out.

They kindly gave me a contact for all the shops that are 'likely to be interested in Hero Wars' - less than 10. I now intend to ring round them and find out which have demos running, (though haven't got bottle to do it from work). Then I will mail the newsgroups.

Could folks please let me know of any UK demos that are running and say

        where, including physical address of shop, preferably with a post code so I can link it to a web based map

	when, including date and time to turn up
	contact details - a phone number for the shop, plus mail etc if
possible. Demo organisers contact too if needed.
	plus whatever else seems important, frex do they need to register.  

Has anyone got the UK conventions covered?

ps. If someone is already dealing with all this already then apologies but no one seems to know, please shout up.

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