Sense Runic Powers

From: Roy Wiseman <RoySubs_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 00:06:20 +0200

> NOW, I know that Illusion is one of the Runes. Its opposite is Truth.
> I wrote that a LONG time ago, before even I understood the real meaning of
> Illusion.
> Orenoar is Truth. The basic myth sets her opposite Larnste, Change. As all
> the myths tell, she is no longer of this world.
> In other words, we can not know absolute truth, only subjective truth.
> Tylenea, Illusion, is also gone from this world. This indicates she too is
> unknowable.
> In other words, we can not know absolute illusion, only subjective
> My conclusion here is that the entire question of whether a powerful
> magician could detect whether something is temporary or permanent is
> ENTIRELY based on the power of the magician.
> In the same manner, but on a smaller scale, an Illusionist can it his
> Sword reality against the Death Sword reality of a Humakti. Which one will
> prove to be right? Well, the most powerful one.
> In that sense, Simon, "it is possible to 'spoof' a magical sense with a
> sufficiently
> sophisticated illusion."

Greg, this does in my mind raise a few questions on the nature of Truth and Illusion...

Is there *ever* a circumstance when a magician using something like Sense Runic Powers could ever detect Illusion? Since the effect of the Illusion is in essence to create a manifestation in reality of another Runic Power, then for instance, it would seem to follow that any magical effect which is capable of discovering the Runic associations of an object or person would, if directed at say a Trickster or a shrine to Eurmal, see only a void without any Runic ties?

And, since Truth and Illusion have in common that they are both only subjectively knowable, then it would seem to follow that Truth would probably also be undetectable. So, for example (if this follows) then all of the effects of Truth related magics of a Lhankor Mhy would be completely undetectable to every possible way to detect runic powers?

I like that way of viewing things. It does give Truth oriented cults such as Humakt and Lhankor Mhy a sort of odd bent within Glorantha. It would not give them any extra power in any way to those cults that I can think of, but it would be an odd side effect relating to the nature of one of the Runic Powers that they each can wield. Also, this way of viewing these Runes would reinforce the odd status that Truth and Illusion hold within Glorantha as some kind of Powers Without Substance. They pervade the world, and can act upon the world, but they are completely intangible to all other powers within the world which attempt to act upon them...


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