Re: Sense Runic Powers - an example

From: giangero <giangero_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 09:29:28 -0000

> My Irripi Ontor character used the See + Hear Historical Events
> to see what happened. He also used See Runic Powers to enhance his
> view of the scene - can he percieve the illusion power being used?
> was the power used only at the point which the disguise was
> the diguise now being part of reality?
> (From discussions here it seems that the later is the case)

IMO, Simon as narrator should sum the 14 (standard resistance for magic) + the added resistance for the feat used + 3 (the number of spells, pardon, of feats used to view the scenes which are cast simultaneously) + the assassin illusion ability (as an augment! not the full ability) and match the result against your IO combined might.

According to the result of the contest, your caracter can discover the illusion (major or complete victory) or not (minor or marginal victory) or doesn't see the event at all (any defeat).


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