Re: Sense Runic Powers - an example

From: moonbroth <Nick_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:22:31 -0000

Charles is a good friend, and will forgive me for saying that in my opinion this is semantic nonsense:

> There is no such magic as "Illusion". In Glorantha, Illusion is
> a meta-magic that allows the user to make other types of magic...
> it would actually be more likely that the assasin had deception/
> disguise magic rather than illusion.

If Greg wants to say that "all Magic is Illusion" or "all Illusion is Creation", then what we traditonally refer to as "Illusion Magic" is indeed deception/disguise magic, rather than "Creation" or "Illusion".

But this gets us nowhere. We *all* know what we mean by "illusion magic" (a temporary reality, usually created for deceptive purposes). I think the correct answer to the in-game questions posed is, in each case, "Who rolled what level of success?"

Deceptive illusions are not automatically successful nor automatic failures -- they are not *easily* detectable as such, nor are they utterly undetectable. If your narrator is running a murder mystery and needs the illusion to work, he should spend a "plot point" (old name for Hero Points) to ensure that it did.

Just my $0.02.

Cheers, Nick

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