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Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 04:16:14 EDT

Wulf said:

<With one Mastery, and no
<resistance, you don't fumble (a fumble is bumped to a failure). With
<two, you don't fail either. That's with NO resistance, a straight
<Ability check, with all the time & preparation needed. That is a good
<indication of a master, but is not superhuman. Superhumans ALWAYS crit
<- three masteries or better. Of course, with some resistance, you CAN
<still fail or even fumble, but that's human too :-)

A very clear example- thanks a lot Wulf !! I can see now, how my attempt to change the meaning of masteries was wrong.

<Personally I want
<two masteries to be the highspot in general skill achievement (most
<folks should get there with a couple of skills), anything higher to be
<exceedingly rare.

I definitely agree!

<it's also in favour of Uz, Aldryami,
<Minotaurs (well, MY Minotaur) and every other player character <race.

I would really like to see that(your´s) Minotaur, would you like to post it ?!!

<If you mean the idea of the low numbers(in AR), it looks like it was
<designed to fit an earlier idea, where two masteries WAS superhuman -
<so it should suit you just fine!

I see....

So how about, trying to make up some tables, with help of the group, for modifying creatures and designing your own?!

In "AR", I found these animal- attackratings, the value in [brackets], is my suggestion :

10-awkward(eagle´s claws)[10]
12-slow(elephant bodyslam)[12]
2W-highly aggressive(lion)[5W2]
5W-fast predator(tiger)[10W2]

fast snake[17W2]

The same with strength.

elephant18W(4m high,weighting 6t)[10W4]
10m giant[10W5]
15m giant15W2[10W6]

and some animalsenses:

horse´s hearing12[5W2]

elephant´s hearing15[10W2]
cattle/hare´s scent18[5W3]
track by scent dog2W[15W3]

bat´s sonar2W[15W3]
eagle´s eyes15W[18W3]

last one: speed:


Looking forward to your suggestions!!


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