Re: Opinions wanted

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 04:08:15 EDT

Wulf Corbett:

<< Question: Are diseases covered in HW? >>

     Yes. They're in Anaxial's Record, hopefully due out this summer.


     I wrote up a way for them to work that didn't rely on set Characteristics, but it got gregged, so it looks likely that the HW diseases will be rather different from the old RQ ones. I'm currently negotiating the final set of rules on the subject.

<< I can't figure how else to cover some of the Chaos Cults, like Malia (yes, OK, she's not ALWAYS Chaotic, but she uses spells AND spirits to cause diseases)...>>

      They have shamans instead of priests in RQ3, so I'd say that they're animist. It is possible for naughty shamans to integrate disease spirits into their body, giving them talents that look rather like spells - the hsunchen shape-shifting powers work in a similar manner.

<< Oh, yes, and am I right in thinking the Praxians are Animists?>>


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