Re: Worldscale from an unrepentant general simulationist

From: Nick Eden <nick_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 23:39:12 +0100

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 11:49:37 -0400, you wrote:

>This whole worldscale debate has lured me into
>responding. I feel that it is a core concept.
>It can greatly impact whether players and
>GMs enjoy the game by understanding
>how core mechanics work AND relate to one another.
>The whole concept (or rule) that the ability
>STRONG differs between Trolls, Giants, and
>other creatures worries me. The concept that
>RUN, RUN FAST, SPRINT, JOG, whatever, all
>don't relate to each other confuses me while
>it also convinces me that HeroWarsQuest is
>neither rules lite nor simple.
>Since I'm probably missing the core concepts
>here, I'll restate what I think they should be
>and hope that I get lucky in my interpretation.
>PHILOSOPHY: Abilities like Run, Sprint, Run
>Fast, Run like the Wind, Speedy, etc. are
>identical. While abilities like "run like the
>wind" may be more poetic or atmospheric, they
>aren't different from RUN. I understand that
>RUN, is different to SPRINT, but I don't really
>want to slow the story down with big debates
>over how they relate, and/or what the differences
>are. Thus, if a Horse has RUN FAST 15W, and my
>character has RUN LIKE THE WIND 17, I will lose
>most of the time. If both the skills were 15, it
>would be 50/50 who would win.
>Let me knwo if I was even close...

Indeed. The situation is also complicated because there are abilities which one kind of assumes MUST be comparable for the game to work at all.

If my PC is attacked by a Lion, do I need to apply a shift to translate from the Lion's Close Combat to bring it onto the same scale as mine?

Actually this might make some sense because 2W^2 is frankly a bit wussy for the king of the beasts.

Do wolves, run Fast 18, exist on the same scale as High Llamas, Run Fast 5W? How about Deer, Run Fast 18? It seems unreasonable that Deer are no faster than ambush predators like Wolves, so perhaps they should be scaled up.

Eventually though we just get 'make up whatever numbers you think fit'. Which isn't really very satisfactory as a game. Lord knows, I'm not looking for a wargame here, but consistency and ease of use would be nice.

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