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From: issaries <rjmeints_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:58:59 -0000

I'm incredibly happy that Roderick Robertson stood by what he wrote. His examples of how skills relate to each other are clear, simple and consistent. Everything you want in an example. For me, I take away this core summary:

Any ability can be used (with a decent reason) in a contest against any other ability. The rating number of any ability is always equal in value to the same rating number in another ability. Thus, a CLUB 18 is no more powerful than a PERSUADE 18. If Uggh the Troll is trying to CLUB me and I am trying to talk him out of it, my PERSUADE gives me a 50/50 chance of succeeding. Modifiers may be used depending on conditions, as per GM discretion. If the Troll is very angry, it may give him a bonus. If he has HATE ME ability, he could augment.

Subtle variations for abilities usually don't make much difference unless the name of the ability is particularly suited to the task at hand. SCROUNGE isn't any different than FORAGE if you trying to find a meal. If my character has RUN 18, I am equal in a
race with a Horse that has MOVE FAST 18. If am creating a creature that I don't
want most people to outrun, I would give them a RUN type skill of 15W2. That skill is way beyond a starting character.

Glorantha is not earth. A male earth human might never achieve more than a RUN 10 skill, while a male horse on earth would have a RUN 19W2. Thus, we know who wins barring fumbles. In Glorantha, people can become skilled enough to run faster than horses. It's part of the special nature of the place.

I know that none of the above is original. I just love to see a majority opinion boiled down into something you can put in your bag of tricks for later, without having to sift through numerous posts.

Hopefully, far better examples, with more detail and a more Gloranthan premise, will end up in the next edition of the rules.


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