RE: Re: Last actions as played

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_at_...>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 23:08:13 +0100

Roderick wrote:

> Some people like a defeated enemy to stay down without looking
> after him,

i.e. they don't want to routinely administer coups de grace (assuming this represents "looking after him").

> others like the unexpected reappearance of a "defeated enemy"
> if they ignore him.

i.e. they don't want to routinely administer coups de grace (thereby preventing those unexpected reappearances).

I agree completely that:

> both views are equally valid, both are supported by genre
> conventions (wherever you get those conventions - movies,
> novels, epic poetry, whatever).

What I don't see is the genre convention whereby heroes routinely slaughter everybody, "looking after" their downed foes so as to avoid their "unexpected reappearances" later.

> If you don't like NPCs to use FA (which is what this message
> indicates to me),

Not at all. My point is that you appear to be suggesting (via your war movie trope) that players should have their heroes routinely administer coups de grace to downed foes, so as to prevent those foes from using final actions against them. For my part, I would prefer downed foes to be treated as "downed" by all and sundry, and then reserve my right as Narrator to have them use final actions whenever it seems dramatically appropriate.

> Your personal idea of game fun doesn't seem to include "defeated"
> enemies coming "back to life" on you. Fine, that's a valid point
> of view.

Not at all. My personal idea of game fun doesn't require routine carnage to *prevent* "defeated" enemies "coming back to life". I read your war movie example as "what not to do" -- make sure you always finish off the wounded and take finicky security precautions, as otherwise the Narrator can spring surprises on you.

My take would be: *never* finish off the wounded or waste time taking security precautions, as that way the Narrator can spring surprises on you (and you'll have more fun playing).

> Yet lax security precautions appear as a genre convention.


> I see nothing wrong in setting up a "standard combat policy"

OK, I'll grant you this. Have the "finishing off" take place off-camera. Then Rollo can always slip up (by Narrator fiat) and allow a Narrator Surprise to slip through.

> another use for followers -- taking care of things the Hero
> shouldn't 'give a moment's thought to'

Excellent observation. Try to slip this into HeroQuest where you introduce the ideas of followers and focusing on the drama.

> Sorry to offend you Nick.

Apology accepted.

Cheers, Nick

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