Re: RE: Sunset Leap

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 10:30:23 -0400

"Hibbs, Philip" wrote:
> >I don't mind if it's cloudy, but I still cant see how it can
> >be interpreted to work anytime other than Sunset, or
> >else in the direction Sunset will be, or, worst of all,
> >both... pretty limited for a Feat...
> I don't see the need to take the name as a literal restriction. Maybe it's just
> a jumping ability that gets a bonus during sunset, ranging from +1 when the sun
> starts to look orange, to +5 when the sun touches the horizon, and +10 while
> it's actually setting, but suffers the same magnitude penalty during sunrise.

I treat sunset leap as like a teleport -- the old 'eye-sight' one, rather than 'Mastako's Chariot' which i si the one that requires a subcult. If you're going in the direction of the sunset or it IS sunset, it gives you a break on difficulty. Since a Teleport is a +20 difficulty, even the casual initiate won't be attempting it.

But a jumping abilty is good too. We just say its a really, really long/fast jump.

I'd hate to see what fumbling a teleport is like. Ewww....

Jeff Kyer

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