Re: The Bow Assassin

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 15:24:21 +0200

Stephen McGinness :

> I had a bad experience in a recent game I ran.
> One of my characters wanted to kill one of a group of lowlives that
> had beaten him up earlier (he's a merchant - little close combat -
> good hiding/movement/archery though). They had been hired to warn him
> off a girl but the leader of the group had convinced the rest of them
> that a beating was called for.
> He went out stalking them and wanted to pick off the leader from a
> distance. Now this isn't the kind of behaviour I wanted to encourage,
> so rather than simply handwaving the assassination as something he
> _should_ be able to accomplish, I looked for a simple contest.
> The problem is that a clean kill is difficult to get. He would have
> had to spend a hero point to accomplish this which made it
> unsatisfying indeed.
> If the archers skill is 1W and the ruffians have dodge 14 how would
> others go about this.

The archer should get an Augmentation from the stalking I'd say (from both his hiding and movement skills ?), and if the archer did manage to get himself into an ambush position like that, I'd personally just ask for a simple ability roll with varying results according to the roll of the dice. With 1W, the guy'd be dead on a roll of 1-19 IMG, because it's the most dramatically interesting solution.

Julian Lord

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