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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:06:34 -0700

Andreas wrote

>I remember that someone posted to the GD that they had successfully
>converted "The Garhound Contest" from Sun County, and since Yelmalios
>are pretty comman around there I guess somebody has written some kind
>of Yelmalio/Elmal cult for HW.

We put Elmal into Enclosure I, and I believe I also have an East Ralian version on my web site (sorry, I'm on the road right now and can't check).

 From what I recall of the Garhound Contest, it's perfect for Hero Wars, since it involves various non-combat tests. It wouldn't be hard to convert at all.

>And I do believe we will have to wait for Thunder Rebels and an
>official writeup. (Yes I know the RQ cult description is on the
>Issaries site, but I never learned RQ... )

Presumably there will finally be an official Elmal writeup there!

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