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Greetings and Salutations

It seems my post has disappeared into the cyberspace so here I go again.

Tim Ellis [>] wrote:
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> >> shaman wants to catch a more-powerful spirit. IIRC, taking spirits
> >> merely spending Hero Points give you a standart Might 12 spirit. I
> >> want to make a house rule for taking more powerful spirits if I
> >> don't want to play the travel, but I don't know how.
> >
> >This is one of the worst bits of the original Animist rules, no
> >other magical practicioner has such puny starting values for
> >learning new magic from known sourced. Theists, in contrast, start a
> >new feat at the full value of the Affinity.
> >
> Conversley, of course, the theist can't pick up a new feat, make it
> into a single use fetish and give one(or more) uses to every member
> of the party/heroband...
> But yes, there should be a way of allowing more powerful shamen to
> take more powerful spirits without requiring that every attempt be
> played out in full.
> A couple of thoughts
> 1) As with followers make Spirits start at a value related to the
> Shamen's highest score (If a "starting character" gets spirits of 12
> and has a "best score" of 25 that suggests a -13...)

I haven't played any Animist characters so you can dismiss my suggestion if it sounds rather foolish.
I have a new character starting in my campaign that had become a blood-brother to a Bison tribal Khan and has spent eight years living with the bison folk of Prax.
I was going to give him a spirit as a follower, an old ancestor spirit that would give out advice whether the hero needed it or not. I was going to give it a few mental abilities as well as its might. It would increase as the hero improved as normal follower rules but I hadn't decided yet if I was going to do that.
Could shamans keep spirits as followers? It makes some sense as they would get to know some spirits on a personal level and may like keeping them around. The spirits would stay with a heroic shaman just as a human follower would for protection, increased prestige, etc.

Just my 2p


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