Anything happening in the West Country??

From: Ashley Munday <ashleym_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 19:17:46 +0100

[Those not in the UK close your ears...]

I'm moving from sunny Aldershot down to sunnier Weymouth and wondered if there's anyone in the Weymouth / Dorchester area that run Gloranthan games down there. If there isn't, is there a frustrated bunch of players looking for a GM / Narrator / WhatEverEuphemismYouUseForMeglamaniac?

Back to your sheduled conversation about EITHER:

  1. The Red Emperor: Krypto Stalinist Doctor Who or just a simple man who likes darts?
  2. Fatigue points: Crap or what?
  3. Man mortally wounded in flower arranging contest! Is -40 action points really the end?


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