Re: Re: Another animist question

From: Andrew Dawson <asmpd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 09:31:10 -0400

I have a Kolating in my game and I make the time to run short spirit collection trips to the Spirit World because the alternative is buying a rating 12 fetish. If I let a player have an animist character, then I'm going to let the player have some game time in which to perform the actions that the character would perform. This is no different--and a lot shorter time-wise--than allowing a theist character to perform a God World HQ.

An alternative to both of these approaches ("taking time to collect spirits" and automatic rating 12 fetishes) is to figure out the average Might of the spirit that the shaman is able to capture and to use that as the rating of the automatically bought fetish. This average Might is probably proportional to the level of Spirit Combat (or Tradition Knowledge for those of us who don't think that Spirit Combat is appropriate to garner in-Tradition fetishes). In my games, this level is approximately the full level of the shaman's fetish-gathering ability (though maybe I'm being too easy on him).

Not in the rules, but change the rating of the fetish that can be automatically bought to be equal to the rating (or some proportion thereof) of the fetish-gathering ability of the shaman. This approach has the drawback of removing potential game fun arising from wacky mishaps in the Spirit World though...


At 12:59 PM 10/16/2002 +0000, Wulf Corbett wrote:
>Besides, travelling to the Spirit World to collect spirits assumes
>you will play the capture of spirits out, which is pretty boring for
>the non-animist character players. Buying a new spirit with HP,
>according to to the rules, gets you a 12 Might spirit, regardless of
>your abilities. New Feats or Spells start at the current level of
>existing ones.

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